Acoustic Rock

Ronnie's Story

I’m more than a front man; I’m a musical alchemist. Born in the heart of Cincinnati, I breathe life into acoustic-rock ballads, craft original melodies that resonate, and infuse pop/rock with my unique improvisational flair. Each note is a canvas, and every performance is a masterpiece. Explore the depths of my musical soul, where all genres find a home, and improv knows no bounds.

Who is Ronnie?

Ronnie Vaughn is the hardest working musician in Cincinnati. Beside numerous RJV Solo and Duo shows, he plays in Gangbox with Jason Ritchie; The FAVE with Kevin Fox; and fronts his full band: The Ronnie Vaughn Band.

Vaughn is an energetic, musical dynamo. His vocal styling is on par with any of the great American singer-songwriters and he is at home singing anything including pop, folk, soul, funk, or classic rock. His shows are always laced with humor and feature a wide variety of music. making him a great fit for just about any venue that wants a party!

Ronnie is also a busy and prolific songwriter, collaborating with several other local songwriters and releasing numerous all original albums, including four with Vaughn & Co.

What Are Fans Saying?

“I will always beg Ronnie Vaughn and Kevin Fox to sing this song. It's one of my local favorites and it speaks volumes to me. I even wrote about it the second time I heard it.”
Joellen Waddle Whetstone
“With a genre-bending catalog of songs, Ronnie continues to bring a spectacular array of original material and cover songs played in a re-imagined way”=
Plain Folk Live - Music Cafe
“It was my first time listening to Ronnie Vaughn, but it won't be the last. I definitely enjoyed this band. Looking forward to the next time.”
Edward Sawicki